10 Years of Hub Coffee: Thank you.

It started in Waldens. A little coffee shop with a lot of personality, reminiscent of the pleasant side of the 90s. Mark owned Waldens and his two children, Joey and Jessica, worked there. Joey and Jessica both realized Mark’s need to do more things with coffee than Walden’s could represent. The family wanted to introduce richer, more flavorful coffees and brewing techniques to the coffee shop, but they weren’t well-received by the customers. Determined to educate people in the diversity and richness of different coffees, Mark, Joey, and Jessica, all teamed up and set out to start their own business that we now know and love as Hub Coffee Roasters. Family was always at the center of what Hub has been, from its creation to its continuously growing community.

In 2009, Hub’s adventures began, with coffee being roasted and brewed from a small garage on Cheney Street. Mark wanted to start a coffee shop for the active community; especially in the cycling community, hence the name and famous bicycle wheel logo. In its original location, Hub shared space with Bootleg Courier, Reno’s premiere cycle-centric messenger service. Existing a space that could barely fit an SUV, was the perfect place for Reno’s on-the-go people to ride by.

But the cycling community was simply one spoke of the wheel. At the core of Hub is the mission to educate and share coffee knowledge with others. Coffee is more than a drink. There is a history of conversation and human connectivity and brewing methods, all of which Mark wanted to share with the community. From the production process to the roasting to the brewing. The entire mission from the start has been to connect people through coffee.

Ten years later, Hub has outgrown its humble garage. Now thriving in three locations, Hub Coffee Roasters has grown into its name, becoming a central beacon for socializing in the Reno community.

This year, Hub is going back to its roots as an iconic coffeeshop for the community who has helped make it what it is today. We continue to pay our employees a fair wage, on the belief of building equity and giving back to the local economy through the people that truly bring our values and mission to life every day. Meanwhile, we continue to bring you locally roasted coffee, ethically grown and produced by farmers we’ve built personal relationships with. Our business practices have established us as pioneers of our local coffee community, and we’d love to continue being pioneers and masters of the craft.

We love Reno and the growing interest its residents have in coffee and coffee culture. Throughout this year, we encourage you all to come by and stay a little longer. Partake in our double down Wednesday, join us for events, learn about the history of coffee and the various brewing methods, or linger and become part of a new community.

We are your Hub. As we look forward to the future, we’re excited to evolve. And we’re glad to have you with us along the way.