10 Years of Hub Coffee: Thank you.

In 2009, Hub’s adventures began, with coffee being roasted and brewed from a small garage on Cheney Street. Mark wanted to start a coffee shop for the active community; especially in the cycling community, hence the name and famous bicycle wheel logo. In its original location, Hub shared space with Bootleg Courier, Reno’s premiere cycle-centric messenger service. Existing a space that could barely fit an SUV, was the perfect place for Reno’s on-the-go people to ride by.

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Hub Is Going Back To Its Roots: Being a social hub.

As more and more people shift away from doing work on their computers at home or at the office, they are branching out to find other venues to conduct their work, bringing their laptops with them. If you walk into any business, local or big box, chances are they have a guest WiFi network you can connect to. But with the overwhelming omnipresence of WiFi, there’s an argument to be had about what the social repercussions could be. Operational costs, loitering, and other factors have begun to play a role in businesses deciding whether or not to keep free WiFi around.

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Meet the Farmer: Rodriguo Sanchez

It takes a lot of people to make a quality cup of coffee. From roasting to serving, every team member of the Hub Coffee Roasters plays a critical role in bringing people together over a cup of the good stuff. There’s one group of people who are the unsung heroes working behind the scenes of our business; without them, we would not be able to do what we do --coffee farmers.

Rodrigo Sanchez is one of those key producers in our business. First place winner of the Yara Championship in 2017, Rodrigo grows the best coffee in Colombia. Mark Trujillo, owner of the Hub Coffee Roasters, met Rodrigo on an origin trip to Colombia in 2013. 

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Instant Community - Add coffee and stir

Coffee has been bringing people together for hundreds of years. Communities are built over a cup of coffee. Business meetings, political gatherings, connecting with old friends, exploring a new relationship; coffee is the binding agent that makes the magic happen. In turn, coffee shops become cornerstones of community development and revitalization.

At the Hub, we have seen the kind of community that can grow through coffee firsthand. We opened our first location in June 2009 at 32 Cheney between Virginia and Center street. At the time, there were only a handful of businesses in the surrounding area including Junkee’s Clothing Exchange, SÜP, and Aces Tattoo. These businesses became the foundation of what would become Reno’s bustling Midtown District. Within

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