Purple Caturra

Purple Caturra


A 12oz bag of whole-bean coffee.

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In 2009 Rodrigo Sanchez planted 25,000 Caturra trees on his farm Finca El Progreso. 20 of the trees planted were phenotypically different in their structure, grain and leaf color. In 2012, those 20 trees had a different profile from the other trees when cupped. Those trees became known as Purple  Caturra.

Rodrigo now has more than 12 acres of the Purple Caturra. This is a wet process coffee. In a wet process, water is used to remove the cherry from the seed before allowing the seeds to ferment and later dried.

TASTING NOTES: Red apples, cider, wine, malt, sugar cane, chocolate, with a juicy body.


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About Rodrigo Sanchez:

Mark Trujillo, owner of The Hub, met Rodrigo on an origin trip to Colombia in 2013. Over the last four years, Mark and Rodrigo have worked collaboratively to bring Rodrigo's coffees to Reno. It began small with a few hundred pounds of his farm's signature Caturra the El Progreso. We are now able to source five different varieties, including some that are very unique to Rodrigo's farms that you would not find anywhere else.


Rodrigo recently won first place in the Yara Championship, a competition to find the best cup of coffee in Colombia.


We are very proud of our relationship with Rodrigo and look forward to maintaining our strong connection and mutual interest in each others success.