Hub @ Home Brew Guide

Probably the simplest of brewing methods, the French press uses coarsely ground coffee fully immersed in water for the entire duration of the brew time.


  • French press (8 cup)
  • Gram scale
  • Water kettle
  • 80g freshly ground Hub coffee, at coarse grind
  • 1000 ml water at 200 degrees F (about 30 sec off a fresh boil)
  • Spoon or other stirring utensil


1.     Weigh out coffee and place in bottom of press.
2.     Fill ¾ of press with water
3.     Let coffee bloom, or degas, until bubbles subside (around 30 sec).
4.     Using a spoon or other utensil, gently stir the grounds, making sure to break the bloom and mix all the grounds thoroughly.
5.     Add remaining water to fill press to top, then secure lid with screen plunger to top of press.
6.     Let steep for 4 minutes.
7.     Press down plunger to end the brewing process. (To reduce fines in your finished cup, scoop out coffee grounds before plunging).
8.     Serve and enjoy!