Our Higher Purpose;
We exist to bring people together.

At Hub Coffee Roasters, we have a set of core values that guide all of the decisions we make. They are the foundation of our business and what makes the Hub, the Hub.

1. Seed-to-cup - We care about where our ingredients come from and who we do business with. We want to preserve our environment for future generations and are constantly working toward sustainability.

2. Good As Gold - We work to bring you coffees from around the world that are as good as gold. Truly great coffee is much more than the bean itself; it is the combined effort, expertise, and passion of everyone who touches it from the growers to the barista.

3. Passion - We are passionate people who want our passion to show. Whether it’s roasting coffee, making a cappuccino, or doing the dishes, we care about what we do and we want it to show.

4. Extra Step - We are always willing to go the extra step to make someone’s day. From first time guests and longtime regulars to our coworkers and our vendors, we want to make someone’s day every day.