Santa Elena Honey - Colombia

Santa Elena Honey - Colombia

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Origin: Colombia

Producer: Roldán Family

Process: Honey

Tasting notes: Strawberry, grape, cranberry, and toasted almond.

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This coffee is a caturra produced by Samuel Roldán and his family at the Finca Santa Elena in what is known as the Biological Corridor of the Citará region in Colombia. The Roldán family is focused on sustainability and bringing new and innovative technology to the region to help not only themselves, but their colleagues in the coffee producing industry within the region to be more sustainable. This coffee is a honey process coffee. In a honey process, the coffee is depulped but left with a thin casing called mucilage before dried. Keeping the mucilage on the bean allows the coffee to keep its natural sweetness and the fermentation process highlights the acidity of the coffee.