Hub Is Going Back To Its Roots: Being a social hub.

Walking into Hub today, you can look around and see customers heads down, immersed in the blue light from laptops, tablets, and phones. Everyone is plugged in and in their own worlds, ignoring the world in front of them. The coffeehouse is silent, save for the baristas making orders and the music playing in the background. No one is talking. This is not the same Hub Mark started. Back in 2009, when Hub launched, Mark considered not having WiFi at all. Mark’s vision of Hub has always been to be a social hub, centered around the human element.

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Hub Coffee
Meet the Farmer: Rodrigo Sanchez

It takes a lot of people to make a quality cup of coffee. From roasting to serving, every team member of the Hub Coffee Roasters plays a critical role in bringing people together over a cup of the good stuff. There’s one group of people who are the unsung heroes working behind the scenes of our business; without them, we would not be able to do what we do --coffee farmers.

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Instant Community - Add coffee and stir

Coffee has been bringing people together for hundreds of years. Communities are built over a cup of coffee. Business meetings, political gatherings, connecting with old friends, exploring a new relationship; coffee is the binding agent that makes the magic happen. In turn, coffee shops become cornerstones of community development and revitalization.

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Maren Rush