Hub @ Home Brew Guide

The Aeropress’ slightly pressurized system allows for a quick, tasty brew. And the super-durable construction makes it perfect for travel!


  • Aeropress coffee maker
  • Aeropress disc paper filters
  • Gram scale
  • Timer
  • Water kettle
  • 15g freshly ground Hub coffee, at medium grind
  • Spoon or other stirring utensil
  • 300ml water at 200 degrees F (about 30 sec off a fresh boil)
  • 8oz or larger cup or carafe that Aeropress and sit on (needs to be pretty sturdy as you’ll be pressing down on it)


1.     Place disc filter in cap and rinse with hot water.
2.     Fix plunger in syringe, halfway between “4” and end of syringe. Place Aeropress on scale filter-side up (“1” will be at top end).
3.     Dose coffee, grind, and place in syringe body. Tare scale.
4.     Simultaneously start timer and begin pouring water into syringe. Continue until you reach 100 grams.
5.     Gently stir the coffee to ensure all grounds are saturated.
6.     Continue to add hot water until you reach 240 grams. This should nearly fill your Aeropress.
7.     When timer reaches 1:15, secure filter cap to syringe. Invert Aeropress onto the mouth of your mug/cup, and begin to press down with a gentle, steady pressure. You should be finished plunging by 1:45 minutes.
8.     Serve and enjoy!